Washington County Law Enforcement Center, 399 Broadway, Fort Edward, New York 12828

Average drill when at drill site

0800-0805: Arrival Read POD

0805: Quarter deck Opens for check in

0805-0830: LPO Inspection

0805-0830: Set up for quarters

0830-0900: Muster/Morning Colors

0900-0955: Classroom

0955-1000: Head call

1000-1200: Classroom

1200-1300: Chow

1300-1330: LPO time with Cadets

1330-1340: Head Call

1340-1440: PT

1440-1500: PT review

1500-1530: In the news

1530-1555: field day, and retire colors

1555-1600: Quarter deck Opens for checkout


Prior to arrival

  1. Cadets contact LPO if attending or not attending. (If not attending, provide the reason for not attending).
  2. Cadets check their ID cards for expiration. If expired or will expire by next drill, bring $75.50 for renewal fee.

What to bring to drill

  1. Renewal fee if needed.
  2. Healthy lunch (there is no food to purchase at the drill site).
  3. Bottled water.
  4. Paper/notebook/portfolio and pen/pencil (A must for all classroom presentations).
  5. PT gear. (Dark T Shirt, Dark Shorts, White socks, Athletic Shoes, (Military graphics only (if any)).
  6. Additional PT gear, weather depending (Dark sweatpants, Dark sweatshirt, (Military graphics only (if any))
  7. Completed answer sheets.
  8. Out grown uniforms for replacement/re-ordering.
  9. Ribbon rack to exchange for larger ribbon rack.
  10. Quarterly school grade report.
  11. Unless told otherwise (at previous drill/per email from LPO/Command) the uniform of the day is the NWU.

Upon arrival

  1. All cadets, not otherwise assigned a duty, will quietly wait in line outside the classroom until the quarterdeck opens.
  2. All cadets will check in at the Quarterdeck (when opened) at the start of the drill (and check out at the quarterdeck at the end of the drill).
  3. When checking in and checking out of any drill or unit training, ALL CADETS, in addition to the saluting the quarterdeck flag, (if present), will request permission from the quarterdeck to, enter the drill area at the beginning of the drill, and to depart the drill area at the end of the drill.
  4. Cadets turn in the following to the Quarterdeck; renewal fees, grade reports, answer sheets.
  5. Quarterdeck watch to record items turned in AND expiration date of ID cards.

Upon departure

  1. Cadets check for and gather ALL their gear (such as PT/uniforms/lunch box). Nothing is to be left behind.
  2. ALL CADETS are to check out at the quarterdeck.